I Drank What?
— Socrates

These bio pages are all too professionally vetted... not this one.  Yes.. I grew up. Muncie, Indiana is my hometown. I now live in Indianapolis... blah..blah..blah.  That's the stuff I have to tell ya.... but the real goods are in the songs.  I like to write and perform songs that inspire me. The best songs of my life are like Ridin the Storm Out or Jack and Diane or Friends in Low Places. The songs that take you somewhere else for a few minutes...catapult you into belting out the lyrics!  That is what I am about.  I have worked in many places, played music in lots of festivals, bars, coffee shops and empty rooms. I pull energy from those who are


willing to give it to me and I return it with everything my soul will allow. Come take a journey with me...somewhere through a love song, a small town, a back road, into the depths of despair or through the beauty of a gorgeous sunset. This is my music. This is my life.

Thanks for Listening!