Welcome to 2018... Let's Reflect..

As I look back on this year, I can truly say it was one I won’t forget.

It started off with everyone being out of sorts with from our new president getting everyone riled up on a daily basis. In January and February we saw the beginning of this endless cycle of turmoil on a national scale.

Then on a much more personal level.. my big brother left us on March 7. My world has been shaken ever since. It still feels like I am living in an alternate reality sort of like when Marty McFly returns from the future and finds out he is on a skewed timeline.

But honestly.. shortly thereafter some really good things happened for me.
I took a wonderful trip with my son for Spring Break.
I started playing music live again after a 20 month hiatus.
I finished my new album.
I met a whole lot of great new friends and musicians.
I toured the southwest with my daughter in tow. We saw the Aliens in Roswell, oil fields of West Texas, Route 66, The Alamo, All of New Orleans, and spend some great time in Nashville.
I played the House of Blues in New Orleans. I played music on Beale Street and at Graceland. I played in Nashville. I played all over the place.
I have had great fun.
I moved into a new house.
I played loads of video games with my nephews.
I watched the sunset over the desert... and the sunrise over the desert.
I lost over 100 pounds.
I had a great Christmas with my family.
I wrote some new songs.
And I have cried and laughed almost daily remembering my brother.

At the end of 2017... I am looking forward to 2018.

No matter what it brings... I intend to jump into it full throttle. Even if there are bad days and I am sure their will be, I am optimistic I can make the most of the good ones.


Happy New Year!


Joe SheltonComment