1.  Songs of Summer - Written By Joe Shelton

VH warmed those parking lots

Kid Rock sang all summer long

Garth gave us that summer

Til Keith's summer came back around



In the heat of the summer

On a clear starry night

I hear the words weaving

In and out of time

It's the songs of the summer                               

Getting stronger and stronger                

I hear the beat of a drummer

 And guitars in my mind


I lost myself in Bono's Summer Rain

I could feel Don Henley's Pain

I got Cochran's summertime blues 

and i got Alan Jackson's too




There once was a cruel summer

And several hot summer nights

Then Kenny sang about summertime

And baseball under the lights....




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2.The Littles - Written By Joe Shelton

When my Son was born in 96

I said “He is only a Little Bit..

He Weighs no more than some fly lint.”

As I held him in my arms


And when we were on our first trip south

He cried and he cried all the way down

And I wondered if I could handle

Being a Dad



Well they start out real small 

and they get real big

The walk down the hall

one day after crawling down it

They hit the winning basket in the basketball game

They grow up so fast you think you’re going insane

They are the littles

They are the littles 

In my Life


When my daughter came along 

on her great grandmas birthday

She screamed all night long

and then she slept all day

She was cute as button 

In her bathing suit

Going up and down the slide 

Into the baby pool

I guess I never thought 

or I never knew

That this time wouldn’t last forever


Repeat Chorus


Now they just keep getting bigger

Day by Day                              

He’s more than six feet tall and she’s on her way

but its still hard for me

to see them that way

They will always be

The littles

In my Life


Repeat Chorus


Intro out

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